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Information Technology, System Engineering

University of Morón, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Studies focused in application development, IT project management, technical planning, and business case analyses.

Computer Science, Bachelor with Systems orientation

E.M.E.N. Nº 1 "Luis Pasteur", Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Specialized in process automation and systemic aproach to different study areas. Served as Teaching Assistant for an introductory programming class, class review sessions, and one-on-one student meetings.


Web Designer/Developer

Stuffs I Know

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery BootStrap WordPress ASP.Net C# SQL Server (2000-2012) Oracle Database IoC (Ninject, Autofac, Unity, Sping .Net) Design Patterns nHibernate OOP / OOD Unit Testing (MS-Tests, nUnit, xUnit) Mocking (Moq, FakeItEasy) TDD / BDD (MSpec & Specflow / Cucumber, with Gherkin) VB.Net Visual Basic (3 to 6) Cobol C Pascal HL-7 DiCom

Work Experience

DirecTV Latin America

Solution Architect ⇒ March 2013-Present

Solution Architect, focused mainly on Satellite applications (migration / adaptation / design) of several core systems. Specialized on Microsoft (.Net, IIS, etc.) and Oracle (OSB, SOA Suite, etc.) related technologies.

I actively participated on the migration of core systems of both Argentina and Uruguay, designed solutions for both countries (from sales applications to 3rd party payment applications). Also designed, developed, documented and maintained a regional (used on 12 countries) application development framework.


Software Architect ⇒ October 2011 – March 2013

Software Architect for DirecTV Argentina core systems migration. Coordinated with the customer Architectural definitions towards the system migration with the objective of normalize the company’s view of how its business processes are defined and implemented (the business processes are implemented using SOA ESB, with future plans to implement a BPM tool). Advised on the application of best practices and provided technical help to the development teams during the construction and migration of the different applications involved on the process normalization. Analyzed, documented and improved the architectural components cross solutions. Implemented a standardized way to deploy cross environments the web applications using industry proven methodologies and tools.

VMBC corp.

Software Architect ⇒ October 2009 – October 2011

Create, update, and maintain site pages for several customers using CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML/XSL. Coordinate with producers and designers for major site changes. Maintain internal tools for managing the sites metadata, using .Net related technologies (WPF, WCF, WWF, and WIF). Work with third-party providers coordinating and evaluating external development tasks. Assist with design efforts for several project features such as reporting, mobile WAP/HTML5 sites, data integration, IVR systems and customer geolocalization. Provide technical support for usability issues and critical site problems, as needed. Deployment automation and continuous integration environment configuration.

Capgemini Argentina

Senior Consultant ⇒ September 2008 – August 2009

Tech Lead and developer HR software solution for Adecco France. The application uses WPF, Spring.ne and nHibernate. Assembled the development team and assisted with the initial QA process.


Software Architect ⇒ July 2007 – September 2008

Software architect for Real State administration (rent, sell, leasing and unit general management, such as tax calculation) for IRS. Successfully implemented Agile methodology (Scrum), automated build processes (using Cruise control). Selected and implemented technology-proven open source projects for ORM (nHibernate), unit testing (nUnit), and source control (SVN).

Designed and implemented a middleware platform between SAP (XI) and the solution using SOA Web Services.

Andreani S.A.

Software Architect ⇒ April 2006 – July 2007

Software architect for the UPA project, a unified process implementation customized to fit the business needs. Part of my responsibilities included the design and development of a middleware between the Enterprise core systems (running on AS/400, and using DB2 ad DB engine) and the rest of the customers, via a Web Services API

Later (as part of the same macro project) I became the lead architect for the intranet portal (using SharePoint 2007). We elaborated the general UI of the site, implemented the document’s approval workflow (this is a key part of the UP process) and a series of business-related web-parts that took data straight from AS/400 DB2 in order to present graphics (using 3rd party tools like Dundas Charts) to key users as part of a control panel.

Planexware S.A.

.Net Senior developer ⇒ October 2005 – March 2006

Among my tasks in Planexware, where the development of web solutions using ASP.Net using both C# and VB.Net, the development of adaptive transcoding algorithms for different file formats, as part of the B2B process of the Enterprise Krikos EEI product. Also I did phone support for international customers.

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